032 088Ah, summer…that special time of year when we stay-at-home parents find out what we’re really made of. Some days, I’m made of mellow patience and full of laughter. Other days…well, let’s not talk about those days, shall we? Or if we must, let’s just say it’s a darn good thing I married a winemaker. Finding little bits of time to myself is next to impossible with two very active little boys…one of whom has recently phased out his afternoon nap. It’s like a double slap in the face…WHAM! WHAM! At first I think I was in shock by spending every. single. waking minute with my boys. After all, when Levi went to Kindergarten, Calvin started preschool two days a week, so I had gotten used to having those 6 (yes, 6!!!!!) precious hours to myself each week. Once summer arrived, that all came to a screeching halt. In my exuberance over the new season and the prospective of not having to drag two kids into a car each morning by 7:30 and drive through traffic to get to school on time, I was more than a little relieved and ready for a “break”.


Fort building…never gets old.


Running and chasing…they have oh so much energy.


Dirt and tattoos


My favorite time of the day. (Levi made the tie-dye shirts.)

After a few weeks of visits by family and friends and a road trip to San Diego, the reality of what summer really was going to look like sunk in. No longer did I have a few hours here and there to feed my creative beast like I was used to. And much like people who practice yoga or go running, I need to be able to practice what makes me ME. It’s how I stay balanced, it’s what keeps me sane, energized and happy. It’s ultimately what allows me to be a better parent and example to my boys. So, without that time, I feel overwhelmed and out of sync and just plain grouchy.

It dawned on me one day, that just as Levi and Calvin are going through changes and new phases of life, exploring different sides of themselves…so am I. Sometimes, I fight so hard against change without even realizing it.  Instead, I need to take a step back, look at the big picture and see that it’s all temporary and what we have become used to is constantly evolving. And so, after a few recent mommy meltdowns,  I declared I was going to devote one hour (give or take) each day to crafting/creating a simple project in the afternoon. Whether the kids wanted to join me in their own crafting pursuits or not (and lately it’s been more “not”), I would still work on my own. I try to be home from our daily outings (hiking, bike riding, park…these guys need to MOVE!) by 3 in order to squeeze in this time. Some days, it’s great and all they want to do is sit and play Legos together while I sneak into the studio or onto the patio. Other days, I’m playing the referee and doling out one red card after another.  Every day is a new game, so to speak.

This past week, I’ve stuck to our new routine and here’s what’s come from it: 068 086

Potato and apple stamping onto canvas turned into a new pillow cover.078 005

Found a few sturdy sticks and my inner Girl Scout (never was one) and made a big God’s Eye.072 076

Turned an old project for a pillow cover into a new design for a handbag. I found the wooden handles at the thrift store, along with the fabric for the lining. 087

And speaking of lining, I decided to line my t-shirt yarn tote, after all. This bright floral pattern is such a beautiful compliment to the colorful stripes.064

Then a little gnome came walking into our garden and the week was complete. I think he was satisfied with what he discovered…as was I.

Let’s just see what next week brings to this crafter-noon roll I’m on. Until then…

  One thought on “Crafter-noons

  1. August 1, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    You are such a dedicated mama. You can do so much with them!

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