Playing Hooky (part I)


I not only love his adorable smile, but I love his outfit. He totally doesn’t mind that he’s wearing wool knee-highs with shorts.

Even before the solstice officially marked the onset of summer, we have been feeling the change of season in everything we do.  You may find us on any given day, still in our pajamas at 11 am, reading books or hiding out in our “underwater-space- submarine-rocketship” (aka the couch cushions and blankets). At first, I must admit I was slightly nervous about having our day-to-day rhythm get shaken up and wondered just how much I should try to schedule activities for the boys.  Turns out that what I least expected to enjoy is one our favorite summer pastimes so far…and it’s only just begun. 044 041

The boys have fallen in love with fishing, thanks to spending the day out with Michael and my dad, who was here visiting over Father’s Day.  Armed with their own poles and a beginner’s tackle box, they are ready to go fishing just about every day. Having spent my summers as a kid up north in Hayward, WI, fishing with my cousins and grandparents (and my two crazy aunts), this activity comes natural to me, even though I haven’t hooked a worm in quite a long time. 075 079 072

We’ve been to the library to look for books on just about everything fish related. Levi is particularly enamored with how different types of lures are used to catch different fish and Calvin just loves to hold the worms. I’m excited to explore the different places to fish in Napa, as it allows us to visit new areas in the valley.  Of course, we haven’t caught anything yet…but there are lessons to be learned in that, ones that will unfold as time goes by.  For now, I’m just happy that we have found an activity we can all share together this summer.

  One thought on “Playing Hooky (part I)

  1. Fran Spratt
    June 25, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    Oh my this is so lovely

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