Inspire:  to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.Sunset

What is inspiring to you? Is it the thought-provoking quote you shared on Facebook about living life to its fullest, taking chances or loving out loud? The awesome backyard garden design that you saved on your Pinterest board or the creative ideas of that über -talented DIY blogger that you follow?

Who inspires you? People who have overcome tragedy and conquered all obstacles? Powerhouse names like Oprah, Steve Jobs or Nelson Mandela, who have helped change the course of humanity?  Great artists and their legendary masterpieces?DETIL

Being inspired is so intrinsically laced with the creative process and with living an authentic and meaningful life. I’m inspired oodles of times a day in so many different ways. From watching my boys play make-believe and getting lost in their imaginations to watching documentaries with Michael on Netflix. The random, kind gesture of a passing stranger. Deliberate, purposeful acts of love and compassion expressed between children and the natural world.  A beautiful skyline at sunset or the mist rising from the mountains in the early morning.  It seems everywhere I look, there is something to inspire me, a bit of the universe to absorb, to tuck away and then draw upon, especially colors, patterns, textures and


And then there are the inspiring people in my life: from those I may just be getting to know to those whom I’ve known my whole life (and of course, those whom I don’t even know at all, but man would I love to just have a cup of coffee with them one day…you know the ones.)  I’m in love with the do-ers, the artists, the creators, the makers of beauty, the dreamers, the shaker-uppers, people who are real, who live their lives with purpose and passion.

I know some amazing people, (mostly women because that’s my peer group, obviously…) but truly, it’s incredible how many awesome women I have been fortunate enough to meet since moving to Napa.  The patient and focused guidance of my sons’ teachers inspire me everyday to slow down (and calm down) more often. The yogis and runners and Tough Mudders I know…totally incredible to me, mostly because I’m so not an athlete, but I’m inspired by those who are. The moms I know who go against the grain, who question the norm, who do what’s best for their child no matter what society has to say…they inspire me, and I know many of them! And the work-from-home mom friends too, who have created their own budding businesses (from homemade granola to bell bottom jeans and hand-dyed yarn to wooden toys for kids) right out of their own kitchens or living rooms. The amazing writers and bloggers whom I may never meet in person, but who have given me so much fuel and motivation to keep trying my hand at this blogging thing! The compassionate caregivers I know who dedicate their lives to serving others in the fields of health and wellness…my midwives and chiropractor to name my most favorite.Quote


Everywhere we look, if we are paying attention, if we are awake and open to seeing what is right in front of us…we can be inspired. It doesn’t have to be a huge occurrence or something of great importance or value…it’s in the everyday, the moments, the little things that can actually be quite a big deal when seen with an open mind and heart.

And I think once we are inspired, then we DO: we act upon our desires and change our dreams into reality. Thank you to those people who inspire me to be a better version of myself everyday, who keep me searching and seeking…who keep me going. Now go be inspired…GO!




  One thought on “Inspire

  1. Melissa
    April 3, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    dara! i love this post and completely agree that we can find inspiration every where if we open ourselves up to the magic of beauty, creativity, kindness and love which surrounds us. you inspire me!

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