Well hello there long lost blog friend…it’s been awhile. (I feel like I’ve started the past few posts with this sentiment.) Returning to this space after spending time away seems awkward to me, like I don’t know where to begin and then I begin to wonder…why am I blogging in the first place? What purpose is it serving in my life? And then I shut down the computer and walk away…not having the desire to write or a way to organize my thoughts into words.

091But here we are and here it is now almost the end of January.   It was two years ago this month that I created this space and my how things have changed…in so many ways.  I knew then what I wanted this blog to be about: documenting my creative endeavors, sharing recipes and capturing special moments of family life.  Taking the time to photograph and write semi-daily musings fit into my schedule as a stay-at-home mom much better then than it does now. Long gone are those precious toddler naps (while the older child is at preschool), which allowed me time to create, capture and share.  Today, most of my time is spent driving the boys to and from school and play dates…and did I mention that there is no more napping? Ouch…that one hurts.  Then, I felt inspired to blog and genuinely felt like I had a lot to share and was encouraged by the positive feedback I always received.  (Thank you, by the way for that.)076

Lately, my inspiration is often found elsewhere…(creating my handmade goods, moving  You Are Loved forward, learning how to take better photographs and this is the year I am going to learn how to knit!)  And because all of that wonderful stuff takes up so much time in and of itself, it leaves me with little to no time for maintaining the blog. Here in lies my dilemma.

So, let’s just say that this is like Coffee and Lilacs 2.0…a new year, a new vision, a new way of blogging.  Maybe I’ll write a post once a week, maybe once a month…whatever works, as long as I am doing it because it feels good, because I’m inspired to do so and because it is genuine.004

While home in Chicago for Christmas and New Years, I thought a lot about letting go of expectations…because if anything that 2013 taught me, it was to LET IT BE…to let go of the way I think things are supposed to be and just allow things to be the way they are.  To let them unfold more naturally, to be kinder to myself and my family, to slow down and just truly enjoy our life.  If something is not fitting into the mix, then I will not force it to…it will find its way back into the fold again on its own if it was meant to.  This kind of ebb and flow is where I feel I’m at. And somehow, I do believe, it all works out in the end if we just listen to ourselves a little more closely.

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