Our Favorite Time of the Year

044I always thought that Christmas song, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams, should be rewritten about autumn.  It definitely is my most favorite time of the year for everything from fashion to food, time spent outdoors and certainly the holidays…Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday ever.

I think it’s the cozy factor and the turning inward that really appeals to me most of all.  The shorter days and longer nights fuel my industrious night-owl side, making me want to hunker down in my studio and work, work, work.  I’ve always been more comfortable wearing sweaters and boots rather than swimsuits and flip flops and my preferred colors are burnt orange, brown and green.   And the food…what’s not to love about roasted vegetables and meats, hearty stews, warm apple cider and big red wines? Hmmm Hmmm!!  In the fall we celebrate most of our birthdays; mine, Michael’s and Calvin’s are all within weeks of each other and then we get to have Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, remembrance and offerings.  134

Wood is stacked by the fireplace at the ready for a chilly afternoon or evening and the boys are always so excited to help Daddy collect the kindling.  We lit a fire last week for the first time this season and they both just sat in front of the flames, chatting about what they saw and how “cool” fire is.095 092

Going on nature walks is especially fun during the fall as there are so many beautiful fallen leaves to walk (or ride) through and treasures to collect. On a recent day, we went to one of our favorite quiet little spots, known as the Oxbow Preserve which sits right on the Napa river.  The boys rode their bikes beneath the canopy of branches and stopped every so often for a bug sighting, or to gather acorns. 125 110

Levi found a dead fish and was so excited, he wanted to put it in our collection bag.  (Ewwww, right?) They both had so many questions about said fish…what kind of fish was it?(Levi), what was his name and where was his Mama? (Calvin). But they both understood that it was dead and should be “put back to Mother Earth”, as Levi likes to say.  So, with the help of his friend who came to join us, they made a shrine to the dead fish in the hollow part of a tree.  It gave me an opportunity to remind them that it’s Mother Nature’s way right now…the leaves and  flowers are dying, and sometimes animals die too…it’s just the cycle of life and the changing of the seasons.  So thankful to have these random learning experiences given to us from the Earth.047 003 060 141

And how in the world could I not acknowledge my little guy Calvin’s 3rd trip around the sun?  Somehow, a post about his birthday got lost in the shuffle.  The day before his party, he and his brother decided to give each other haircuts.  (Yes, it finally happened…I guess it was inevitable.)  I still had yet to make him his birthday shirt, as is tradition.  So on the morning of his party, I used one of the Ed Roth stencils from my book for his shirt. It was just so perfect…and his favorite color is orange too.

We had a fun morning at a park with several friends stopping by to celebrate with the birthday boy.  He’s a character this little guy of ours…a big personality, full of mischief and wonder.  He’s outgoing, yet guarded, giving and caring and one of the funniest little people I have ever met. He never ceases to amaze us and even though he and Levi have their “moments” as all siblings do, he so adores his big brother and loves to be his constant companion.

Yes, fall…so grateful and happy that you are here and for all the abundance that you bring.

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  One thought on “Our Favorite Time of the Year

  1. November 25, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Love the colours! Love the photo! Very nice!

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