The Boys of Summer

142Tomorrow, my (not-so-little-anymore) little guy starts kindergarten.  These last weeks of summer leading up to school have been more unstructured than normal for us and we are craving the rhythm of the school year to begin. I certainly know that I am as the mama, but I see that Levi is as well. Several of his friends have already begun their kindergarten journey and he has been asking a lot more questions about his upcoming “first day of school” and when he is going to get to see Teacher Jennifer again.   Plus he and Calvin could benefit from some space from each other…and so could I!!  I realized how quickly this summer has gone by and how little I have posted about what we have done.  So, here in a (long) nutshell is the Weyna’s 2013 Summer Wrap-Up: 046089 068 109

We went to the beach a couple of times which is always a huge hit with the boys, especially Levi who is such a water lover. Calvin on the other hand is a bit more skeptical of it, and he tends to stay back on shore.  My brother made his way out to California for a brief visit in August and we took a trip to a very quiet and secluded beach where we spread our cousin Nick’s ashes. It was a beautiful day in so many ways and it felt freeing to let him go sailing into the wind.119 126

A favorite past time of the boys is a little made up adventure called, “Dirt Sledding”.  Sometimes they use a plastic bin as a sled and sometimes they just slide down the garden hill on their behinds, but either way they get really dirty and squeal with delight.  Add a tutu and a paper pig mask and you’ve got a real party…keeps them happily occupied and that’s all that matters to me!IMG_0579 041

Levi and Michael both have the “gear-head” gene…if it has a motor and wheels, they will want to play with it, take it apart, fix it up, and play with it again. Michael has been restoring a 1978 Alfa Romeo for the past several months in our neighbor’s garage and on the weekends, Levi is usually right by his side, watching, learning and helping…making his Daddy proud.014 074 091

Another favorite thing that the boys like to do with their Daddy is shoot off rockets and fly balsa wood airplanes at the park. The rockets come in a kit, but the airplanes are made by hand and are so delicate, yet can fly so high and far away…some haven’t even come back!  And yet, they keep building them for the love of all things that go fast.033 029 044 055

A simple little science project (aka “the Volcano”) made a big impact with these guys. Got water, baking soda and vinegar, then you’re off to a good start. Add some food coloring to the water and you’ve now achieved rock star status.  At least that’s what I felt like when I heard their screams of “WHOA!! That’s so cool, Mom!!” And then Calvin decided to take off his clothes and jump into the volcano.  For those of you who know my son, this should come as no surprise.094 083 IMG_0567 052

Thankfully, there are so many places to go hiking and biking here in Napa.  One of our favorite spots has lots of great trees for climbing and a wooden plank swinging from a rope on a lonely branch waiting for kids to come play on it.  One day we spent hours there, just hanging out with the trees, building nests and getting dirty.  It was one of my favorite summer days yet.046 054 055

It might still be a few months away, but the boys have already started talking about what they want to be for Halloween. One afternoon, I came home from the store to find a pirate, a race car driver and a butterfly-catching dino/monkey on our front steps.  Daddy obviously was into the spirit of the moment.


Cousin hike day


Levi and his Gogo…always on the move.


Stopping in town for an ice cream cone.


Riding on the Papa horse


Cousin love


Eating, drinking, laughing, talking, listening to music…that about sums it up!


Tree climbers


Uncle G is laying down the mind warp on Calvin…Gogo is spitting out her drink from laughing so hard.


The two youngest cousins (aka “the Screamers”) sharing a hug.


Our time together is always too brief but always well spent.


Michael and Dad on his 60th birthday.

Our summer would not have been nearly as fun had it not been for our family trip to Colorado in June to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday.  My parents rented a house for all 16 of us, which included 7 kids under age 8…and at the end of the week we all still loved each other!!

So many great memories were made, especially for the kids who  enjoyed being with their cousins so much.  And the time spent with their grandparents is always priceless and cherished in every way…not to mention their crazy aunts and uncles. We are such a lucky family and there is never a dull moment when we are all together.

And there you have it…the summer of 2013.  Tomorrow our summer ends and a new chapter opens for our family.  I can hardly wait to see what it brings.

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