Hot and Crafty

025 013 017 Since we got back from Colorado last week, the temperatures have been in the high 90’s and 100’s everyday in Napa.  Heat and I do not really jive together too well.  I’ve never been a sun worshiper; I hate going to the pool; I think sweating should only come from working out, not from sitting still and like most Northern Californians, we don’t have central air.  My mom likes to remind me how on our family trips to the beach when I was a kid, I would rather sit under the shade of a tree, reading a book or crocheting, rather than be in the sun with the rest of the family.  You can add it up…heat = crabby.

Before we left for our vacation, we were enjoying pleasant afternoons coloring outside on the patio, both on paper and our faces. I whipped up this little dinosaur t-shirt for Calvin using a simple iron-on transfer and some fabric markers.  The boys were having fun playing in their sandbox and jumping on the trampoline in the later part of the day. 011 016 018

Now we still stay outside, but they mostly go in and out of the pool and never have any clothes on. Can I blame them? If I could, I’d sit around naked in the pool too…with a cold glass of white wine, preferably.  I found a simple little project on Pinterest to do in hot outdoor weather.  Take a shallow pan or tupperware of some sort and have the kids throw some small toys inside.  Fill it with a few inches of water (enough to cover the toys) and freeze it over night.  We have a deep freezer, so we had the space for this kind of project.  Give them some hard, but blunt tools to chip away at the ice to unearth their “treasures”.  It kept them occupied for a long time and they stayed cool. And given how hot it was, the ice started melting pretty fast.

Here’s to summer…hopefully you are not scorching as much as we are in this part of the country and are enjoying your time outdoors.

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  One thought on “Hot and Crafty

  1. Heidi Voskuil
    July 2, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    I’m dying in this heat wave too Dara! And I work outside on the patio and people sit out there! I’m crabby too! Love these pics of the boys! Thanks for writing!

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