Berry Time

029 024 021 017 080 078 063This year our garden has gone sadly very, very awry.  Something mowed down all of our greens that had just started to sprout a few weeks before we left for vacation, the lettuce had all bolted by the time we returned. It seems the watering system didn’t do a very effective job while we were gone because a few of our crops turned brown as if they weren’t even watered at all.  Sigh.

We should get a decent amount of tomatoes and peppers…but my greens!!!  Maybe it won’t be too late to throw in some starts and see what happens. Thankfully, we had a good amount of strawberries and the peach and orange trees are full of fruit, so I guess all is not lost.

I’ve been trying to play catch up for the last few days since we returned from our vacation to Colorado.   My mind is full of ideas and energized by my time away, but our return home quickly reminded me how very little time in my day I have for myself alone…so those ideas might just have to be shelved for the summer.  I can barely manage to keep up with these two busy boys, not to mention the weedy garden, the half-finished painting projects in our house, the loads of laundry etc, etc, etc…you know the list.

So it goes, so it goes…

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