Quinoa Cakes and Special Sauce

007This week we are going back to Illinois to visit family and to celebrate Grandpa Carl’s life at his memorial.  There won’t be much time for blogging, so I wanted to send you off with this yummy little recipe for quinoa cakes I came across via my sister-in-law on Pinterest. I tried it out tonight for dinner and it was a smashing success…well at least in my eyes.  I can’t lie…the kids hated them.  Hopefully you will enjoy them more than they did.

I didn’t change much from the original recipe, except that I used both carrots and zucchini and I did not add green onions. Also, I baked mine on a parchment lined cooking sheet at 400, turning them over after about 15 minutes.  I didn’t feel like frying them in oil and I think that baking them added a nice texture.

I topped them with some left-over red sauce from our dinner a few nights ago.  It was my own creation to see if I could hide more veggies into traditional red pasta sauce (boring!) I can’t give you a recipe verbatim, since I just made it up as I was going, but essentially it was this:  roasted beets, carrots, zucchini, broccoli and parmesan cheese. I threw all the veggies into the Quisanart and chopped them ultra-fine, then sauteed them in some olive oil.  To that, I added a jar of our homemade tomato sauce from last year’s garden.  Since the veggies ulitimately looked red due to the beets, they blended right into the sauce and the boys NEVER knew what was in it.  They gobbled up their spinach pasta with special sauce.

It is these very small feats of magic that keep me going!

Enjoy your week, everyone.  Eat, drink and be happy!!

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