Bustling Days


021Well, I promptly woke up with a raging head cold, body aches and chills on Monday morning after the craft fair on Sunday.  I should’ve expected it, as I know my body all too well at this point in my life.  Staying up until all hours for over a week straight, stitching until my eyes were twitching and my back in knots was not a very good way of taking  care of myself.  When I push myself too hard, I always get sick. I should know better by now, don’t you think?  But sometimes these lessons which are right in front of us are the hardest to learn; our inner voice telling us to slow down is too annoying to hear, especially when we have a deadline to meet, even if it is a self-imposed one.023

024Was it worth it, you ask? Well, not monetarily that’s for sure, as the turn out was lower than expected, but yet understandable for a holiday type event. People have good intentions of getting out to make merry, but then decide it might just be nicer to stay at home afterall.  I completely understand that mentality. But it was worth it in so many other ways. I got to spend the day in the company of two wonderful women, whom I greatly admire, as we sat stitching and sharing ideas and stories.  I was able to meet some new faces and trade for some of their lovely handmade goodies as well.

Most importantly, I met my own personal goal of creating enough inventory for a show and witnessed the beginning of a true handmade brand.  This was kind of a warm-up for what I foresee happening in 2013.  An etsy shop…maybe, a booth at the 2013 Renegade Craft Fair…for sure.  Taking what I love to do and turning into something “more” (whatever that may be…I have yet to name it) is where my energy is going.  However, I think I will ease into it with a bit more grace after this little exercise, as I really can’t afford to be sick!  My boys need me too much and I want to be much more present for them than I have been over the last few weeks.  So for now, it’s onto painting pinecones, stringing popcorn and make toilet paper roll Rudolphs. 010

009We picked out our tree over the weekend as well. Levi kept asking about it and while we wanted to wait until it got closer to the Solstice, it worked out better with our schedules to make it happen when we did.  It has yet to be decorated, though…just a string of lights on it at the moment. Levi said he wants to put on all of the ornaments on Christmas Eve, which I actually think is a lovely idea and it gives us time to make a few more that are handmade. One year we would love to take the boys to a snowy forest to chop down our own tree, but not until they are older and can actually participate!003

015For the first time, we made an advent wreath.  A friend of ours made us this wreath last year out of grape vine cuttings and I used it as our Easter wreath. This holiday, we added pinecones, stones, shells and as of this week (although not pictured) flower petals. While I know this is not a traditional Advent wreath in many ways, it has been a thoughtful way to explain the greater themes of patience and waiting, light and dark, hope and gratitude to the boys. I have been feeling kind of lost at spiritual sea this holiday for some reason, trying to find a way to explain the meaning of Christmas to Levi in a way that he can understand and a way that I can explain it.  Even though we don’t go to a church, I still want him to know of the birth of Jesus, of who he was, of why he is important to so many people…hard to put into words, and maybe I’ll sit with this idea for awhile and write about it in a new post. 018Well, at least Calvin has a sense of humor…he thought “Peetah Pan” would be comfortable among the pinecones and Bay nuts.

Wishing you all lots of light, good health, the loving company of friends and family and of course lots of homemade goodies.

  One thought on “Bustling Days

  1. December 14, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    So nice to read your thoughts about your life right now. And Peter Pan in the wreath made me smile.

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