Rainy Days

036018It rained buckets here in Napa over the past several days.  We woke up on Sunday morning to find part of our living room under a smooth sheet of water. Luckily, it was mostly on the ceramic tile and no furniture was damaged, but it certainly made us jump! Upon inspecting the area outside, Michael found that the drainpipe was not connected and there were a few, um…surprises stuck up inside of it.  After discovering a couple of missing toy shovels and several rocks, the drainpipe was reconnected and the water got cleaned up…all before breakfast.  Thankfully the sun decided to come out for a while in the afternoon and we opened up the garage door to let the sunshine and fresh air inside.  Levi and Calvin went straight to the puddles, while Michael shouted, “We need boats!” And so our little regatta was created.068088095Using a scrap of foam floor mat, some straws and construction paper, (and of course tape and star stickers), we made some mini sailboats to float down the water of the sidewalk curb.  The boys had a blast and I was so very thankful to get them out of the house again.  Too many days being cooped up inside is a sure-fire recipe for family disaster…too much yelling, whining and complaining.  A mommy meltdown was imminent.090011083I was able to get a lot of stitching done over the weekend as well, thanks to my helpful and ever-encouraging husband.  I’m participating in another craft fair next weekend and I am trying my hardest to get some new items made.  When I have a few more photos taken, I will make an updated post about the latest projects.  I ended up getting so much more material than I thought I would from my recent sweater chopping and have been putting the scraps to good use!071005Here’s one thing rainy days are good for…eating and drinking.  Michael made a delicious herbed bread to have with dinner on Saturday.  I realized that being inside for too long is a very dangerous situation for my husband and I who love to cook and eat as much as we do…him cooking, me eating.  If only we had a flight of stairs in our house, I could then justify all the eating by running up and down our stairs several times a day, but alas…no.003I snuck into Levi’s room to snap this sweet pic of my boys reading before bedtime.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw them all snuggled up together.  Even though these moments happen all the time, it seems like it’s the ones that take us off guard that make the biggest impression.  They make all those “other” moments fade away and seem insignificant.  This is what matters most…this togetherness and tenderness and love.   I am forever grateful.

  One thought on “Rainy Days

  1. December 3, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Love that last picture!

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