Hand Painted T-Shirts

Take a plain white t-shirt, some fabric markers and your own creativity and you can come up with a really cute handmade gift for a little sweetie in your life.  Recently we were invited to a birthday party for a 2 year old girl.  I had put off making a gift for the whole week, not knowing exactly what to make that she would appreciate. Finally in the eleventh hour (literally, it was 11:00 at night) I remembered that I still had a few size 3T t-shirts leftover from a previous project I did for Calvin.  (The t-shirts run small and shrink in the wash.) I grabbed the fabric markers and drew her a little flower garden.  Unfortunately some of the colors bled a little bit, but I just turned it into a shadow and well, hopefully her little 2 year old eyes won’t be too discriminating!

Levi’s birthday shirt was the inspiration…

And Calvin’s too…

And Levi loved using the markers to make his own design on an old, stained shirt of his own.  What could be cooler than getting to draw all over your own clothes and then wear them? Not much, if you ask me!

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