New Studio

So, it’s been a week since my last blog post, and now you know why.  As I have been slowly painting, reorganizing and redecorating all the rooms in our house, it came time to give the studio a facelift. (Here you can see the way it looked before.) I was actually working on Levi’s room all of last week, but once I moved his bookcase out of his room to make space for a new one (well, new to him) the reorganizing energy shifted itself into my studio.  I had the matching bookcase to Levi’s in my studio for the past few years and now I have the two back together again. I desperately needed the storage space, so it came at just the right time.  I’ve had things just piling up lately or squirled away in storage bins, making it difficult to really see or know what I have and where it is. This kind of disorganization was blocking my creative flow and I felt like every time I walked into the studio I had to clean up or rearrange before I could work on something.  Plus, I had recently just recieved the most lovely and amazing gift in the mail from my cousin…a box of yarn!  (Yes, that is an amazing gift to someone who loves to crochet and make things as much as I do.) And we’re not talking synthetic granny yarn (although I do have my share of it), this yarn is all wool, silk or cotton, perfect for felting or trimming or making cuffs. I was over the moon with delight. Naturally I needed to find it all a new home.

Balls of t-shirt yarn

For the first time I really feel like there is a place for all of my tools and projects. The paintbrushes, pencils, books, and bins of supplies fit nicely next to each other.  The buttons, trims, spools and beads make up a nice little display of themselves above my sewing table. And on the sewing table there is nothing but space. Wide open space and room to spread out. The tables were looking pretty beat up and dark, so a fresh new coat of paint was rolled onto them as an afterthought and it just made the room so much brighter.

The mirror was always in my studio, but I didn’t have a frame for it because it was being used for Levi’s hanging chalkboard, which also got taken out of his room. I swear there is furniture left in his room…just wait until you see it all redone. Adorable, if I do say so myself, but that’s for another blog post.  Anyways, I just gave the frame a fresh coat of paint and suddenly things were starting to pull themselves together. In the picture you can tell that my studio is in our garage.  When we moved in, we insulated the door panels with sound board to keep the space warmer (garage doors are so drafty), but it also serves as a display wall for the kids’ art work.One of the best parts of redecorating a space is using what you have and trying to find a purpose for it.  I used to be a picture framer for many years and have a serious addiction to frames. I have bins of them in all shapes, colors and sizes.  We used to be able to keep the scrap frame moulding from custom orders and so I would make all sorts of crazy sized frames, knowing that one day I would put them to use.  Or, as is the case with these two frames, I find them at a garage sale in the hopes of giving them a new life.  I took these images from a 2010 William Morris calendar that I had hidden away and put them in the two garage sale frames…a perfect fit!  And just what was I really going to do with all of those embroidery hoops? Why put some cute vintage fabric in them and hang them on the wall, of course.  It made the wall complete and my smile that much wider. I feel exhuberent now when I walk into my creative space. It feels full of spirit and joy. I can’t wait to spend time in it! Having it here in our home is so vital to my sanity and to my emotional stability as a stay-at-home mom.  Even though I share this space with my children and make art and messes with them here, it still is my domain at the end of the day. My little slice of peace and quiet in my very busy and loud existence as a mama of two boys!

  One thought on “New Studio

  1. Clarissa
    August 28, 2012 at 7:01 am

    I just loved your studio, want to have one of my own and your ideas are also great I want to make the best use of the things which I have. Just like the way you have organized the things in a great manner.

  2. August 28, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Awesome studio! I see that you have lots of left over yarn. That happens to me too.

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