A Fun First Fourth

All day long, Levi has been asking if tonight is the night he gets to stay up late to see “fiwre-werks”.  Indeed it was and he was remarkably patient, considering how tired he felt.  We spent the afternoon at the home of our good friends where the boys played in their garden, picked plums from the trees and swung in hammocks.  Tuckered out on the way home around 8pm, I thought for sure Levi would give in and fall asleep before the fireworks started.  But give that boy a reason to stay up late and he’ll fight sleep tooth and nail.

The fireworks are set off just about 1/2 mile from our house, so we have a spectacular front row (or lawn) view. We grabbed our lawn chairs and some blankets and headed outside.  Yes, I did say blankets…we do live in Northern California after all, where it’s balmy during the day, but windy and cool at night.  Nothing at all like the hot, humid summers I remember as a child, running around in shorts and t-shirts to watch the fireworks at the beach.

Bundled up in our blankets, Levi and I talked a lot about fireworks and what they are.  “Do they hurt us, Mama.” “Are they shot out of a cannon.” “Will they burn the sky?” A lot of reassuring went on before the light show even started. Once it did, the comments changed to, “This is AMAZING!!” and “Watching fireworks is so pretty, Mommy”…and then towards the end, “When is this over?”

Sitting there with him wrapped in blankets felt like such a simple yet extraordinary moment. I kept looking to see the expression on his face and the wonder and excitement in his eyes.  There seem to be so many “first” moments happening in his world lately and as cliche as it sounds, we as parents really do get to relive life through our children.  It’s a beautiful thing to seize these experiences with fresh senses, which not only stir up our own memories, but create new ones as well.

Tucking him in to bed tonight, he asked if there will be fireworks again tomorrow night.  When I said no, he replied, “that’s OK, this time was special enough.”  It certainly was, little man.

  One thought on “A Fun First Fourth

  1. Amber @ Rowan & Oak
    July 6, 2012 at 4:24 pm

    Audrey had plans to wake up and watch them but in the morning she told me, “Mama, I didn’t hear the fireworks at all!” She was really tired after a few days with ‘her monk’. So glad you guys had a great time!

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