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My blogging days seem to be a bit scattered lately as I’m trying to find ways to remain consistent with my posts while being extremely short on time. Lately it seems as though I start a post, but I only get a few words down, a few snaps up and it gets saved to my Drafts folder for days.  So, I thought I’d wrap a few “drafts” up here in one post.

  • Last week I made these scrumptiously delicious “trail bars” from a recipe that I snagged out of a ReadyMade magazine. I know the photo does not probably look quite as appetizing as they actually are, but here’s my version of the recipe:

2 c rolled oats, 2 c puffed kamut or crisp rice, 2 c dried fruit (roughly chopped), 2 c nuts (chopped), 1 c shredded coconut, 1/2 c rice bran, 3 T ground flax,  1/2 c raw honey, 1 c peanut butter (or whatever kind of nut butter you like), 1/2 c coconut oil, 2 tsp vanilla, 2 c chocolate chips

In a large bowl, mix together the oats, rice, dried fruits, nuts, coconut, flax and rice bran and set aside.

Melt the chocolate, coconut oil, honey and peanut butter in the top of a double boiler. Stir until smooth and heated through. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.

Pour the wet into the dry and stir with a wooden spoon or spatula.  It will take some time and some shoulder to get it mixed thoroughly (a good arm workout!).

Pour the mixture into a lightly greased baking sheet, cover with parchment paper and press it down. Use a rolling pin or the back of your wooden spoon to press it out to the corners.

Allow to cool, then slice into bars. It says the bars can last up to a month in the fridge if they are wrapped well or store in an air-tight container.

  • They came out nicely formed and they were not too sweet. (The original recipe called for evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup, but I substituted the honey instead.) These were definitely a hit with my little guys and I have to say I ate a small one every day during my “mommy-must-have-chocolate” moment.

The librarians must absolutely think I’ve gone nutty…most of these books came in at the same time for me on the “holds” shelf. I practically needed a wheel barrow to carry them out.  But I look at it like this: I’m doing research and I do not have the time to sit leisurely looking through the library stacks for books that interest me. Instead, I look online, order them and then bring them home to look through in the comfort of my own home while enjoying a nice glass of wine while my kids are sleeping. Why not?

For those of my crocheting buddies…Linda Permann’s book, “Crochet Adorned” is such a great find. I think I need to purchase this one in the future. I want to make just about every project in the book and she has a great section on edgings and trims. I used a couple of her patterns for the cuff trims.

The coffee cuffs are finished and are for sale at Molinari Caffe.  This was such a sweet and fun little project to take on and really true to the idea of an upcycled/handmade product. It took me about an hour to complete one cuff from start to finish and I made twelve of them. The owner of the cafe is an incredibly generous guy, who truly wants to bring community together and keep it local.  I’m so glad that I stopped in when I did and made the connection.  Even if they don’t sell like hotcakes (which really would be fine with me, because I don’t exactly have an inventory of them already made), I’m happy to know that people will be seeing a handmade alternative to something that’s disposable.  That’s alright with me.

  One thought on “This and That

  1. Amber @ Rowan & Oak
    June 3, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    They’re so cute! The little cuffs. I was just talking with Audrey as we left the library yesterday, that between her and me we almost need a wagon to pull it all out to the car. I told her once Gray’s checking stuff out, we’ll definitely need something. And that was leaving all of poor Aaron’s holds still on the shelf!

    • daraweyna
      June 4, 2012 at 3:43 am

      Yeah, it’s comical. Thank God Michael’s not a big reader…I’d never be able to keep track of them all.

  2. June 4, 2012 at 1:22 am

    Good to see I’m not the only one who uses the library like an online shopping service! All the non-fiction is upstairs at my library, so I find it so much easier to put everything that sounds good on hold and then pick it up when I can. I always have about 10 books waiting to come in.

    • daraweyna
      June 4, 2012 at 3:42 am

      Nope…we all have the same sickness it seems. Addicted to the library holds system.

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