Current Crafting

Turning old tights and t-shirts into yarn.

T-shirt yarn…it takes so long just to get this much, it seems.

Turning felted sweater sleeves into coffee cup “cuffs”.

Choosing the embellishments is fun…good thing I scored all those buttons a few months ago.

So, last time I posted a crafty post I was working on the cuffs and prints for my friend, Brooke’s booths at Maker Faire  and CNCH. It seems that both were pretty well received and Brooke has been so kind as to offer me space at the upcoming fiber/craft shows she is doing this summer to show more of my prints and I’m so happy that we’ve clicked in this creative way. I have a whole series of “craft” related/inspired linocuts that I’d like to accomplish, but realistically I know they might not get done until the holidays.

A funny little thing happened to me on Mother’s Day while I was on my mini “mom-sabbatical”…Hey, 6 hrs is a LONG time in my world!  I made my way over to a new coffee shop in downtown Napa, called Molinari Caffe and spent a couple hours in complete and utter bliss, working on my crochet cuffs, drinking a delicious iced coffee while sitting on a very comfortable leather sofa.  What made it ever more perfect was the delightful 80’s flashback music that was being played…Pandora, I presume.  It was as if this little oasis was created just for me! There were not many customers beside myself, and the owner and I made small talk about this and that. He was curious about what I was working on and said that they looked like coffee cuffs…well, he was sort of right. After all, why couldn’t you just slide the cuff off of your wrist and onto your coffee cup?  He said, “Why don’t you make some for us to sell?” Lots of people still do use paper to-go cups for their coffee, which hopefully end up getting recycled, but so many of those paper cuffs (to keep your hands from burning) get used up too.  Getting people to replace them with a reusable, hand-made cup-warmer/cuff could be pretty cool, I thought.  And that was that.

I had tried crocheting some ideas for the cuffs, but they all seemed too bulky, not to mention time-consuming. I had a bunch of thrift store sweaters waiting to be turned into something…pants for Calvin, a patchwork blanket…who knows.  The sleeve cuffs fit nice and snugly around a paper coffee cup, so that became the inspiration.  Crocheting around the edges and embellishing with buttons made them seem like actual little sweaters, which seemed pretty darn cute to me! They are quick to make and so much fun too. There is something SO satisfying about starting and finishing a project in one day. I go to bed with lots of “sunshine in my belly”, as Levi would say, when he is happy.

I also started to prep some t-shirt yarn for more cuffs (another craft fair opportunity came up…I’ll keep you posted.)  I love crafting with this type of re-purposed material, but it does take a while to get it made into workable yarn. I have a HUGE bin of old t-shirts and tights just waiting to be cut up. I often think that I should just spend a couple of nights turning them all into yarn and then be done with it. It sure would take up less space!

These little opportunities have been really wonderful gifts…they keep me going and motivated to meet my bigger “crafting” goals. I really believe that something energetically is happening lately…I’ve been putting my intentions out there and they seem to be getting answered and for that I’m really grateful and have a lot of sunshine in my belly!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am blog-linking to Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On

  One thought on “Current Crafting

  1. Amber @ Rowan & Oak
    May 29, 2012 at 12:35 am

    I’m so happy for you! Reading this gave me a little ‘sunshine in my belly’ Keep crafting…

    • daraweyna
      May 29, 2012 at 1:05 am

      Thanks, Mama!! Been meaning to get back to you about the prints…I think a phone call is in order.

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