Studio Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Sometimes we seek it out intentionally and sometimes it takes us by surprise.  For me, I’ve always been inspired by quotes, phrases, mantras, poems…the written word is powerfully inspirational and I like to be reminded of that from time to time.

In my studio, I have a bunch of these little inspirations posted here and there. I’ve carried them with me for years…some much longer than others. Most of them have been written by other artist friends, some were found in books or as song lyrics.  To me they are timeless…they speak as loudly to me now as they did when I first read or heard them.  I can remember exactly the context under which these saved quotes came into my life. They serve such a deep purpose to me creatively…much like remembering to count to ten and take a deep breath when your 4 yr old is having a meltdown.

Tonight, while working a bit in the studio, I glanced up at the wall and re-read these quotes and I just had to capture how grateful and happy they made me feel.

Like my dear friend, Guntis…a soul mate, of sorts…who once told me to very literally to “never stop working“. I never  will.

Or my old Cornelian mate, Nancy, who upon my move to CA from Chicago told me to, “be strong, be true, always make art and have many adventures…” Always.

Or a Frenchman who blew into my life for a reason that I’m still not certain of, other than to tell me on a cocktail napkin “to let Destiny lead me to where I belong“.  I believe it has.

Or Amedeo Modigliani who said, “Your real work is to save your dream.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Somewhere, I can’t recall where or when…I think when I was in college in Madison, WI, I read the words that resonated so deeply within me: “If you have not designed your life for success, you’ve have resigned yourself to failure.” I would love that to be read at my funeral one day…take note.

And then there are my own simple words that I try to remember and take to heart each and every day, “ALWAYS IN FLUX”, because we are.  Being a parent has taught me this lesson over and over and over again. Things are constantly changing, growing, reaching, evolving, getting turned upside down and inside out…we are never the same from day to day. As soon as we get used to the “norm”, it up and changes on us. It’s taken me quite a while to realize this and I’m still trying to accept it! It takes practice, and so I try to remind myself in big bold letters that I see each time I open my studio door.

In a frame, sits a faded old picture of a little girl of 3 yrs old, crayons in one hand and a determined look in her eye.  She too inspires me, because I know that all she really wanted to do was to make pretty things with those hands.  And she has.

(I have absolutely no idea how this “text enhance” thing made it onto my blog…I apologize for it and if anyone knows how to get rid of it, could you please let me know?)

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  One thought on “Studio Inspiration

  1. Amber @ Rowan & Oak
    May 24, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Dara, this brought a hint of tears to my eyes. That photo of you as a little girl ‘living the dream’…Very inspiring: your life and your work.

  2. Amber @ Rowan & Oak
    May 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    Dara, this brought a hint of tears to my eyes. That photo of you as a little girl ‘living the dream’…

  3. daraweyna
    May 24, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    Thank you. I have always loved that picture and am so glad to have it.

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