Had I not heard our front doorbell ring, I would have missed it. I completely forgot that the eclipse was yesterday and after a day spent mostly outside, I was inside folding laundry when this magnificent event was occurring.  Our neighbor came by with his welding helmet so that we could look into the eclipse.  He wanted to make sure Levi got to see it….how thoughtful of him!

So I went back outside with him and looked up at the sky through the lens of his helmet and it really was so neat to see the moon covering part of the sun. The yard was bathed in an eerie glow, reminding me of when tornado weather would be upon us in the Midwest.  The light always changed in the most unusual of ways, diffusing everything to a pale hue, ringed with white.

On the back wall of our house, the shadows created by the eclipse were amazing!! They reminded me of beautiful charcoal drawings on thick creamy paper…all that whiteness coming through from behind the grey. I wish I had a better camera to capture the crispness of what I saw, but these images will be inspiration enough.  I would love to turn these into a design onto canvas fabric or maybe do an actual charcoal drawing…it has been so long since I’ve smudged charcoal and moved it around with a soft gum eraser.  Hmmmm…ideas are forming!

Anyways, I was grateful to our neighbor for reminding me of this spectacular event. Levi loved looking through the big helmet. I forgot to take a picture of him with it on, because I was snapping up the shadows before they disappeared. Calvin was curious as usual as to what all the fuss was about…I love his little inquisitive looks.

Do you have any photos to share of the eclipse? I’d love to see them if you do.
Happy Monday to you all.

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