Apple Tree Drawstring Tote

Last year when I first started to teach myself how to sew, I wanted to do the simplest project possible…a drawstring bag.  I found an easy pattern for a lined tote and then played around with some scraps to make the apple tree applique, which was my own design. It was a fun project and I felt like it was a great accomplishment at the time, of course…having never really sewed much before.  I ended up just using a simple piece of rope/chord for the strap, but after several times carrying the bag, I realized it was not at all functional because you couldn’t sling it over your shoulder.  The bag is big and with groceries or clothes in it, it was hard to just carry it by the stringy chord.

So, I tossed it into the “fix-it” pile and it sat there for almost a year before I pulled it out again this week. Why do I do that? I’m really bad about follow through sometimes. If a project doesn’t come out “right” the first time, I’m not so apt to finishing it right away. I put it off and say, “I’ll get to that after I’m done with this new project I’m working on”. Well, one project turns into 20 and a whole year goes by. Shame on me.

All this sweet little tote needed was a new carrying strap, which it got by way of some cotton twill ribbon and attaching it into the bottom 1/4 of the side seam. Now it can be slung and it’s much sturdier.  I just wish that I had thought to put a pocket or two on the inside. Oh well, this is how we learn…trial and error and lots of mistakes.

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