Leibster Blog Award

(I’m double posting today, since I have to work all weekend and won’t have time to be here until next week.)

Being new to the blogging world, I’m still trying to find my place here among the sea of voices and stories we share. Recently, I found out that a dear friend (both in the blog world and on real ground) nominated me for a Leibster Blog Award.  What’s this, you ask? Well, it’s really just all about sharing the love of small blogs and connecting our community to a greater audience. The Leibster was supposedly started in Germany as an award given to small blogs (200 subscribers or less) that you believe are noteworthy. When you receive the award, you link to the blog that awarded you, post the award badge (and a flower or two as a thank you) on your site, and then nominate three to five more small blogs you particularly love.

So first let me tell you a little bit about my friend, Amber, who nominated me. Her blog is called Rowan & Oak and if you haven’t yet visited, you surely must do so. If you love to look at gorgeous photos of nature, adorable red-headed children and amazing hand-crafted kids clothes, (see: a very Useful Pattern and ten minutes at a time ) you must go. If you are interested in herbal medicine, native plants, extreme gardening (I use this term seriously…how many people do you know planting mushrooms? Mushrooms in logs!!!  See: gardening mushrooms), you must go. If you want to read refreshing, honest, thoughtful insights into mothering and homemaking, then you must go visit this blog!! I met Amber when I was pregnant with Levi and her daughter Audrey was just a peanut attached to her mama’s chest. I was immediately drawn to her energy and admired her knowledge of herbal remedies and natural living. (See: revisiting sensory-based herbal energetics)  She is the quintessential Earth Mama…mindful, conscious, educated, and hands-on. She follows her heart and is true to herself and her vision for her family, which includes homeschooling her two little ones.  (See: wildcraft board game)  We both jumped into blogging around the same time and it was nice to be able to have a friend in real life who was also trying to learn the ins and outs of this medium.  Amber is an amazing woman, mother and friend and her blog reflects her passionate, shining, creative spirit and her desire to educate the world (well, some of it at least) about all things “herbal”.

And now it’s my turn to nominate 3 blogs. This was a bit tough, because honestly, while I do look at a fair share of blogs, I really only follow a few…and not many of those have less than 200 subscribers. So…here goes:

Fields and Fire I really can’t figure out how “small” this blog is in terms of its subscribers, but I think it’s small enough and definitely worth sharing.  I can’t remember how or when I stumbled upon it…sometime last year I think, probably from a link from another blog (as is so often the case).  But I am so glad I did. I look forward to Adrie’s posts about farming, mothering, gardening, knitting and activism. She lives on a farm outside of Amherst, MA and owns a farm-to-table cafe called, Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe with her husband, Ben (see: A Video!). They live simply, close to the Earth and purposefully (see: I Have a Dream and Climate Change/Peak Oil) I am inspired by her honesty and her grit, and I admire her vision of a world where our children can breathe fresh air, eat unaltered and real foods and embrace a life of peace with reverence for all humankind.  Her blog is full of wonderful recipes, thoughtful meditations and all things wooly! Thank you, Adrie!!

Five Way Plum While this blog has been out-of-commission for the past few months, I feel strongly that it will be making a return to the blog world and I patiently await its return! I am also hoping that this little award will reignite the flame of the dear friend Jillian, who started it, because I miss her words and photos dearly (see: Five Way Plum Tree)! She shoots from the hip, tells it like it really is and lets you into her life with wide and welcoming open arms. (see: The sky’s the limit and Making kefir bread and onion soup) She’s the nicest, most thoughtful, funny and kind-hearted person I know. We met while pregnant with our first children and through them, we created a most amazing bond and life long friendship (truly sister-like in every way.) She was my inspiration for starting this blog and gave me lots of support and encouragement in the early days and now it’s my turn to repay the favor. JILL, COME BACK, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, stop by and drop her a line of encouragement so that she can saddle up and blog again soon!

morganhausen I just recently started following this blog by a woman in Australia who works in a yarn store (ahhh….dream job!!!!!!!!) She knits and crochets all sorts of wonderful things (see: Some stuff and some things) and also participates in a studio collective (which speaks dearly to my heart after my years spent at one in Chicago) called, 107 Projects Inc. It sounds like a great space.  I am looking forward to getting to know Morgan and her work better over time! She inspires me with her crochet posts and like many other bloggers out there, she just might make me pick up a pair of knitting needles one day soon.

This was a fun post and of course it make me realize just how WIDE and EXPANSIVE this ocean of bloggers is. It’s a great community to be a part of and to learn from and I thank you all who have found my little corner of it and have decided to follow me on this path. It’s a delightful experience.  I look forward to the future and the journey onward. Best and love to you all.

As a last note (I am way over my time limit here…) I would highly recommend checking out the other nominees from Amber’s site (and their nominees as well) because they are all noteworthy and interesting blogs to follow.

See: Woolythyme,   Naturally Crafted Mama ::: Creative and Conscious Living,   who matters?,    Pumpkin Sunrise

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