For the Love of Computers

Trying really hard to love technology right now, even though it’s proving to not love me back so much.  As I sat down to make a post this evening, among other work on the computer, some wonky stuff started to happen.  My dear, patient and mechanically inclined husband is tinkering away at the hard drive of our clunky desktop, while I type on his micro, sleek and sexy Macbook that he gets to use for work. I could get used to this!!!

All of this tech trouble has got me thinking, however and I ponder this question…How can we live simply and purposefully while being dependent on computers for sustaining the many ways we stay connected to our world?  How do we manage the beast of social media that so effortlessly can devour hours out of the days, weeks, even years of our lives? How do we pay it gratitude for keeping us close to our loved ones who live far away and yet enforce discipline upon it so it doesn’t grow out of control and take us away from the present moments that enfold right in front of us?  I grapple with this every day and even here working on this blog.  I don’t have an iPhone or iPad that I can use at any given time during the day, nor would I want to.  I understand the convenience of them, but I don’t know if I could resist the temptation to utilize it whenever I wanted to…which is the whole point after all. I fear I would become one of those parents I so often see at the park, who is more plugged into her phone than into the child playing in front of her.  Why do we need everything at our fingertips at every minute of the day?

I am only able to do any real computer work once the kids are in bed at night. This means paying bills online, returning emails, checking out library books (yes, I know a huge convenience and by no means a replacement for the real thing, but the library in our town is meager at best and so online offers a much greater selection), uploading and editing photos and of course maintaining this blog.  Of course I love doing this blog and I consider it to be a huge creative outlet and not really work…it’s certainly a lot more fun than paying bills!!  Yet some nights I just don’t even want to look at the computer, but it’s there and it helps manage our lives and that’s part of its purpose…I guess I just don’t want it to take over my life and sometimes I feels like it is starting to.

I know I may be rambling at this point and this may not be the most intelligent arguement. It’s late and I’m tired and I have no idea what my husband is doing in the other room, but I guess if I had a point to this whole thing, it’s this: technology is our friend, we need to treat it with respect and not use it for every little thing that we do in our lives.  We can’t become so dependent on it that if it decides to slow down or God-forbid, break down on us, we become paralyzed and torn apart because we’ve literally put our lives into some box that  likes to think its smarter than us.

So, I just have given myself a healthy dose of perspective and I feel better already. Whatever may happen with our hard drive, will happen.  Life really would go on without a computer, but it sure would be strange!

Good night.

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