Signs of Spring

Today was a day to be spent outdoors ALL DAY long. Levi actually had to remind me that it was lunch time and he was hungry and thirsty…time just slipped away as we worked like little beavers in the yard.   As we worked, we talked a lot about the fact that it is now SPRING.  (Insert your personal happy dance here).

While I pulled weeds and turned over soil, Levi and Calvin were busy digging in the dirt, making mud pies and finding worms. So many times today I looked over at my dirty, dirty boys sticking their hands into the earth and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.  I just smiled with delight at the fact that they were so happy doing such simple work, until I realized that what they were actually doing was very complex and sensory engaging.  I watched the concentration on Calvin’s face as he got nose down on the ground, pointing at the ants crawling by and calling out, “bub”  (his word for “bug”).  Or as he stopped his exploration midtracks to reach his arms up to the sky as he saw a bird soar above him.  Levi spent some time digging for “dinosaur bones” (aka rocks) with his pickaxe and shovel. He looks over to me and says, “Mom, I really need a brush to help me clean off these bones I’m finding.”  Spoken like a true paleontologist. Today he found the “head bone” of  a T-Rex and the  spine of a Spinosaurus, among others.

All around us we absorbed the sights and sounds of our little garden. The birds chirping, the butterflies making a rare and welcomed appearance, the flowers blooming on our peach tree and blueberry bushes, the glorious blue sky and warm sun above us.  We dug up carrots to eat right from the ground and laughed at the chickens rolling in the dirt, bathing with delight. We sang songs and talked about the Vernal Equinox and what it means. Levi really likes to use the word, “equinox” suddenly, but has been using it out of context so a recap was in order.

Later in the afternoon, I needed to use the hose and Levi jumped at the chance to fill his bucket with water. “I need to make a volcanoe…a really, really, really hot one, like it’s been underground for 50 hundred million years.”  At first I groaned under my breath…dirt is one thing, but mud takes it to a whole new level.  But seeing the anticipation and excitement on his face, how could I resist to let him play in the water for a while?  He dug and poured and scooped until his heart was content…and he showed his baby brother how to make a “volcanoe”.  What could be cooler than that? It is spring afterall.

  One thought on “Signs of Spring

  1. March 22, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    The picture of them crouched down in the dirt together poking at the mud is soooo sweet. Good for you, mama! Letting them get all dirty. We spent the day outside getting dirty, too. Spring!

    • daraweyna
      March 22, 2012 at 3:29 pm

      I know…Calvin was SO intrigued by Levi’s building, digging etc. He watched him for a long time. I have NO problem letting them get dirty, it’s keeping them out of the house with all that mud on them. Sometimes I look over my shoulder and the back door is open and I just cringe because I know that Levi forgot to take his boots off or something and all I can see is MUD tracked all over the carpet. But, that’s life with kids, I guess!

  2. March 22, 2012 at 3:18 pm

    P.S. The pictures are giant sized in my Reader all of a sudden. Which is cute, but then I looked at the post here and they’re normal sized. Hmmm (??)

    • daraweyna
      March 22, 2012 at 3:27 pm

      Hmmm…that’s curious. Not sure why that is.

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